We are a team of skilled and, to the most extent, self-motivated software developers. We’re situated mainly in Sofia, but due to the great demand for good professionals, we need to stay as flexible as possible. We have a colleague, who is working from a cabin in the woods. He is a rockstar developer, who never missed a daily.
We prefer meetings and calls instead of asynchronous chatting. We’ve automated as much of our non-development tasks as possible to free up time for chilling, which frees headspace for productive work.


Our tech stack is simple. Native Android and iOS with mostly React for the web apps. We prefer serverless, when applicable. We can brag about most of the projects we’ve worked on, one we would tactically avoid mentioning. In overall, we’ve worked with one of the biggest media houses and publishes in Germany and on projects sponsored from Google (2018 DNI). Success is hard to measure, but we have 100% completion rate and we never lost a client. We’ve developed enough to know what to avoid and where to cut corners.


We are doing subcontractor work and we are not allowed to namedrop much in a written form. We are something like good elves, doing the heavy lifting in the background for a fee. We’ve worked on news app projects, video streaming services, push systems and financial apps. The people working with us are either genuinely happy about the service we provide or they are extremely polite.

Crashes on a Sunday morning at 2am

Rarely bad things happen. We try to avoid them with yoga and unit tests, but we cannot eliminate them all, so we run like ninjas to fix them if they do occur. Sometimes it’s our fault. The only way to prevent this is to write good code and test a lot, which takes time.

Killing the passive language 2.0

We try to remove the passive enterprise language by taking personal responsibility for the things each of us builds or breaks. Bungs don’t tend to appear out of thin air.

Why is this website ugly?

Currently we get our clients through word of mouth and introductions, so we actually didn’t need one. We’ve had to add something, because it was mandatory on some job boards.